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The Best Amazon Travel Must Haves

Packing is never fun, no matter how exciting your upcoming trip may be—having to plan what to wear and wonder about what you will have

Packing is never fun, no matter how exciting your upcoming trip may be—having to plan what to wear and wonder about what you will have space for or not within your luggage can be so stressful to think of. When I start my packing process, I am always ordering last-minute items on Amazon. While preparing for the most recent vacation that I went on, I discovered the travel side of Amazon and have been amazed at all of the Amazon travel must haves I found!

The Best Amazon Travel Must Haves

These Amazon travel products I have to show you are so exciting. All of them are pretty genius, and I wish I had thought of inventing them, haha! Having these products was honestly a game-changer during my most recent trip and made packing so much easier. I can’t wait for spring break and summer vacations to use all of these items again! I know you all will love these Amazon travel items and how simple it makes traveling be!

Luggage Travel Drink Bag

This is one of those products that I wish I would have purchased so long ago because it just makes so much sense! If you ever find yourself needing an extra hand at the airport, then this cup holder is definitely for you. It fits right over your suitcase and has two drink holder pockets that fit coffee cups and tumblers. It’s great for when you need to be hands-free but still want to make a stop at a Starbucks. This could even be useful just to have two extra pockets if you don’t want to use it for drinks. You can easily fit your phone, headphones, power bank charger, and so many other random items!

Refillable Perfume Spray

I was so excited to find this product! It is so genius for the avid traveler. These travel perfume bottles make it easy to turn your favorite perfume into a smaller travel size. They are so simple to fill up and are the perfect size to fit into your carry-on. These would be great also to have in your purse or pocket since they are so compact. These come in a pack of four, and I also really like that part of the container is clear, so I can tell when I am running low and need to refill. This makes it so much easier than having to bring an entire bottle of perfume with you and cheaper than having to purchase the travel size of designer perfumes. Plus, it allows me to have more variety while traveling and choose from a few different scents.

4-in-1 Travel Bottle Dispenser

This travel bottle dispenser makes it so easy to take your favorite products on the go. There are four different containers that you can use to fill up with your products. It works perfectly for your shampoo, conditioner, skincare, soap, etc. I also love that it is a mess-free dispenser. There’s nothing worse than opening up your suitcase and realizing that your body wash spilled out everywhere. Once you fill each bottle up and put it back into the container, just put the lid on and twist to whichever mini bottle you want to use. There are so many different colors to chose from, and it comes with stickers too, so you can remember which bottle is what. This is so convenient to have all of your products in one place and is compact too!

Electronics Organizer

It is always so annoying once you finally arrive at your destination and are excited to get your vacation going, but then see the mess of cords you have to unravel. If your cables are always a mess in your purse or suitcase when you travel, then you need this cord organizer. It is perfect for organizing all of your cords and tech accessories. Anyone who travels without a lot of technology would definitely benefit from this item. This would be great too inside your purse or laptop bag for everyday use! There are so many different pockets and compartments within this organizer. You will never waste your time again searching for your phone charger or having to untangle anything!

Universal Phone Mount

This mount attaches to your suitcase or the airplane tray table to make watching things on your phone so much easier. It rotates 360 degrees to make watching Netflix or YouTube on your phone so much easier. Using this phone mount will be perfect for those long layovers in the airport or if you are on a short flight without entertainment. It fits multiple different phone sizes and is super compact to be able to throw into your purse when heading out of the house.

Portable Soap Paper Sheets

I don’t know why I have never thought of portable soap before! This is so convenient and perfect for hiking or doing anything outdoors. Just get the paper underwater, and it turns into soap. How cool? It’s made of natural, environmentally friendly ingredients and is perfect for keeping your hands clean no matter where you are. The scent is very light but still smells fresh and clean. These have been a must-have in my bag, no matter if I am traveling or just heading out to run a few errands.

I am so happy that I found these super helpful Amazon travel must haves. Since I have been using them, I’ve wondered how I could manage traveling without them again! Never again will I have to bring a bunch of different shampoo and conditioner bottles or have all my electronic cords making a tangled mess in my purse. What Amazon travel must haves are you the most excited to try?

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