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25+ of My Favorite Amazon Home Decor and Organization Finds

As you all know, I shop for everything on Amazon! I’ve found the most aesthetic decor lately and it’s made my home feel so much

As you all know, I shop for everything on Amazon! I’ve found the most aesthetic decor lately and it’s made my home feel so much happier. I’ve also come across the cutest glassware that make every drink so much more fun. I’ve also been a huge organizing kick! I’ve found the best organizers and organization ideas on Amazon. I’ve put together a huge list of all of my favorite and – most popular – Amazon home finds!

Favorite Home Decor Finds From Amazon

I’ve been loving fresh flowers in my home and I’ve found some of the cutest flower vases lately! I love finding the cute, unique options and they’ve brought so much life to random areas in my home.

These ceramic trays are so cute for jewelry or other little bits. I get so many questions about my cloud tray because it’s so fun without being too eye catching.

These artsy books are so cute for their look, I love these hollow options – you can keep money or a passport inside for safe keeping, and they’re more affordable.

I’m absolutely obsessed with my little ceramic berry bowls. They’re so cute to use for food or for little things like hair accessories or makeup. They can be used so many ways.

Favorite Glassware Finds From Amazon

I love buying my glassware off Amazon because they have so many fun and affordable options. I absolutely love my glass coffee mugs, this pink option has a lid that can also be used as the perfect coaster.

Amazon has so many fun colorful glass coupes. They’re perfect for a girl’s night in or any occasion really.

Amazon also has really cute drinking glass for everyday use, I love how fun yet simple these options are. They’re perfect alternatives for older children at dinner parties.

I’m obsessed with these glass charm straws. They each have a cute little fruit and they make any drink so much more fun to drink. I’ve bought reusable tumblers in the past, however, I’m obsessed with these glass ones I purchased recently. They’re so much better than ones with bamboo lids, because the wood eventually becomes moldy.

This bedside carafe definitely wasn’t necessary, but it does make me so happy.

Favorite Organization Finds From Amazon

I’ve been tackling so many home organization projects lately and Amazon has so many great organizers! I have such limited counter space so these acrylic floating shelves and rotating organizer have helped me keep my bathroom counters much more organized!

This acrylic shower organizer looks so much better than so many options I see online and it has been perfect for my guest bathroom!

I thought organizing my dresser drawers would be really challenging, however, these drawer inserts were perfect for my socks, underwear, sports bras, and bras! It’s so satisfying to see inside those drawers! My nightstand also received a much needed revamp, and these felt organizers came in so handy! I love using non-plastic organizers when I can!

Organizing my fridge seems to be a never ending project, however, I did get stackable wine organizers – and they’re life changing! These are especially helpful if your fridge shelves are lower. I also love these can organizers, makes my fridge feel so much fancier!

I’ve also finally begun organizing my kitchen drawers and I love this expandable wood organizer!

I love this desk organizer for my office, the compartments inside were perfect for my office supplies. I also loved that the stand is a whiteboard, perfect for writing notes or to-do lists.

Do you need any specific Amazon recommendations or want me to review a specific product? Let me know below!

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