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How to Make Lip Gloss Keychains

Step by step instructions for lip balm keychains and everything you need to make them! They make for such a cute, thoughtful, and affordable gift idea! I had so much fun with this craft – it’d be perfect for a summer girl’s night in.


Step by step instructions for DIY lip gloss keychains and everything you need to make them! I got most of my supplies from Amazon. They make for such a cute, thoughtful, and affordable gift idea! I had so much fun with this craft – it’s perfect for a summer girl’s night in.

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What You’ll Need

I saw this idea on Instagram and had to try it with all of the lip balms! It turned out so cute and I feel like it’s such a fun activity to do with friends. It can also make adorable party favors, DIY gifts, or even bridesmaid/bachelorette gifts. They’re so cheap to make and if you want to attach lip balms, the ELF ones are only $4!

Everything I used:

Lip Balm Options

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How to Make Lip Balm Keychains

Step 1 – create a small hole

Insert a hole in the top right corner of the lip balm or gloss – through the thick plastic part. I used a thumb tack but you can also get a tool from Amazon for a more precise hole. Make sure the hole isn’t too close to any of the edges – or else you risk it ripping through. You also don’t want the hole to be too far from the edges because the ring will have a hard time closing. I think it looks cutest on the right corner of the lip balm but anywhere works!

Step 2 – insert the ring

Insert the ring into the hole – a 10mm ring is ideal. If it’s too small, you won’t have enough room to add the charms. I got a pack of keychain hooks from Amazon (which I’ll use later), however, the ring was quite large in comparison to the lip balm. So I used 10 mm rings from a different ring pack on Amazon and the attached the snap hooks later. You’ll need pliers to open and close the ring. Mine came with the ring pack, however you can also buy them separately.

Step 3 – add the charms

The best part! You can add charms in whatever way you’d like – the options are truly endless! I started with one large charm to set the theme. I also attached the first initial to my friend’s name. I made two of mine as gifts, but they’re so fun that I couldn’t help but make one for myself too! I placed the two charms in front of the lipgloss so they stand out. Set the lip balm aside for the next step.

The charms I used:

Step 4 – make the beaded chain

For this part, you want to start with an elastic thread. I used .8mm elastic but other materials or sizes work too. When cutting the string leave a lot of excess, otherwise it can be really hard to tie the knots at the end. Next, make a slipknot (this TikTok tutorial by user Knits and Bits was super helpful if you don’t know how to tie a slip knot) and adjust it to pinky width. Then, tie 2 knots using both ends of the thread, gathering them around the slipknot. Then, you’re going to add the beads through both strings. Keep in mind, you don’t want it to be longer than the actual lip balm. Depending on size, I used 8-9 beads for the Summer Fridays lip balm. Once the beaded chains are completed, knot the end twice again using both strings, making sure the knot is bigger than the bead directly next to it and they won’t fall off. The elastic came with one of the bead boxes I used but you can buy them separately too!

The beads I used:

Step 5 – slip the chain and hook onto the ring

I attached the chain and hook onto the back of the lip balm ring but you can add them in any order you’d like! These hooks from Amazon were the perfect size for the lip balm.

Step 6 – close the ring

Using your pliers, close the ring and now you have a finished lip balm keychain. The best part of this project is that you can reuse the keychain and just add a hole to each new lip gloss! I hope you have as much fun with these as I did!

See how I made them:

If you need more craft ideas:

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